Cylindrical Foam
Cylindrical Foam

Cylindrical Foam

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• Cylindrical aerated foam

• Moulds to the exact shape of the ear canal

• Excellent ear support

• Eliminates background noise (traffic, snoring, etc.)

• Available in pharmacies and health shops

• Box of 4 or 20 pairs

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Blox Cylindrical Foam

Thanks to its cylindrical shape, this model moulds to the exact shape of the ear canal. The tight structure of the foam allows the plug to expand gradually, providing added comfort. The result: excellent sound reduction and ear support, reducing the risk of losing the plugs during the night.


  • 8 foam earplugs
  • 1 large cardboard storage box


  • 40 foam earplugs
  • 1 large cardboard storage box

4 pairs
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