Natural Wax
Natural Wax
Natural Wax

Natural Wax


• Supple natural wax

• Extra soft and comfortable

• Environmentally friendly

• Excellent ear support

• Available in pharmacies and health shops

• Box of 10 pairs



10 pairs
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Blox Natural Wax

Our BLOX Natural Wax earplugs are made from natural beeswax and cotton. More supple and malleable than other products available on the market, they adapt to all ear canals for optimal comfort and usage. BLOX Natural Wax earplugs effectively reduce background noise for a feeling of calm and pleasure. Adapted for prolonged use, they can be worn all night long without any feeling of discomfort.

Technical information


  • 20 natural wax earplugs
  • 100% recyclable storage box

Technical information

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