Xperience Music
Xperience Music
Xperience Music
Xperience Music

Xperience Music


• Linear noise reduction

• Ensures a clear and authentic sound

• Made from organic material

• Reusable, washable

• Available in pharmacies and health shops

• Box of one pair

• Average reduction of 19 dB

  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Pink



1 pair
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Blox Xperience Music

These earplugs contain an acoustic filter and provide a linear noise reduction of all frequencies that allow you to hear the authentic and clear sound, without damaging your hearing. Manufactured from an organic component mainly used in the medical industry, these reusable ear plugs offer a high level of comfort, are hypoallergenic and silicone-free. That's not all: the shape of the earplugs means they are easy to use, thanks to their discreet and supple tips. Available in 3 colours: transparent, neon yellow and neon pink.

Technical information


  • 2 earplugs made from TPE
  • 2 removable acoustic filters
  • 1 aluminium storage key ring

Technical information

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