Xperience Moto
Xperience Moto
Xperience Moto

Xperience Moto

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• Reduces wind and road noise

• Improves concentration and alertness

• Made from organic material

• Reusable, washable

• Available in pharmacies and health shops

• Box of one pair



Blox Xperience Moto

Designed to adapt to all ear canals without inhibiting helmet use, BLOX Motorbike Xperience hearing protectors are multi-purpose, discreet and reusable. They reduce noises related to motor activities (wind, road, traffic, etc.), reducing them to the accepted minimum security level, but maintaining your attention to background noise and intercom conversations. BLOX Motorbike Xperience offers optimal noise reduction of the artificial and loud noises usually experienced when wearing other hearing protectors. The filter technology reduces the occlusion-effect whilst providing optimal ear ventilation for maximum comfort.


  • 2 earplugs made from TPE
  • 2 removable acoustic filters
  • 1 aluminium storage key ring
1 pair
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