How to prepare for your motorcycle road trip?


How to prepare for your motorcycle road trip?

"I'm too old for a road trip on a motorcycle", "I'll never be ready enough for the adventure", "I don't have the time"... The excuses that we sometimes use to avoid a motorcycle road-trip are numerous. However, this experience is one of the best you can have. Indeed, you will discover cultures, explore landscapes, travel as far as the eye can see, appreciate the diversity of seasons and regions, etc... But beware, there is no question of going on an adventure without preparing yourself.

A good preparation to start

It all starts with preparation, a good preparation. You don’t go on a motorcycle road trip as you go to your cousin Jack's house in the next town. And to be well prepared, think about defining the route to follow, analyze the possible dangers there could be, check the presence of gas stations and find out about road conditions. 

Why is this preparation so important? To avoid unfortunate situations that could spoil your fun. For example, it would be a shame if you ran out of gas on a deserted road. Likewise, it would be a shame if the roads, because of their condition, damage the tires of your motorcycle in an isolated area. 

Equipping yourself with the right tools and accessories 

For your road trip, you know your route by heart? That's excellent. Now, concentrate on your equipment. A good motorcycle traveler is a traveler who has all his equipment: helmet, protective gloves, smartphone holder, mini GPS, spare battery... Think of everything. Don't let anything escape you. 

About the equipment, find out about the climate in the city you want to go to in order to wear proper clothing. If you are going to a hot area, light clothing will be perfect. On the other hand, if you are going to an area with low temperatures, a jacket will be ideal. 

Finally, remember to protect your ears from surrounding noise. A road trip on a motorcycle means riding hundreds of kilometers with the engine humming. The noise it emits could have negative effects on your health such as persistent fatigue or, worse, tinnitus. 

Use earplugs such as Blox Xperience Moto earplugs. Without interfering with headphones, this accessory adapts to all ear canals and offers optimal noise reduction while allowing the user to stay connected to his environment and to other drivers, via intercoms, if they travel in group.

Checking the condition of the motorcycle and riding in complete peace of mind

When preparing your motorcycle road-trip, take the time to check the condition of your bike. Check the oil level, inspect the tires, clean the battery terminals, check the condition of the chain, and so on. Every move counts, because a motorcycle in good condition maximizes your chances of a successful trip. Ideally, you should have a technical check-up before the day of your trip.

Our last piece of advice: ride in complete peace of mind. There's no hurry. Indeed, a motorcycle trip is successful when it gives you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the scenery and, above all, to have fun while driving. Let's say it again: this experience will be one of the most beautiful you will have.

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