4 situations during which earplugs help you get a better sleep

To protect their ears from noise pollution, some people sleep with earplugs all the time. People often associate wearing earplugs with a wife complaining about a husband who snores like a pig. But there are other situations too during which the quality of your sleep is jeopardized.

In this article, you will find 4 situations during which noisy situations can deprive you of your daily dose of sleep.

1. The never-ending journey

If you take the train sometimes and are feeling extremely tired, it is unlikely that you’ll spend the following five hours in the wagon’s most relaxing seat. According to a scientific study, in 90% of the cases, you will be faced with

The two noisy friends who gossip about the last rumours;

Theo, a two and a half year old kid, who keeps on yelling until his mum gives him a biscuit;

The deaf traveller who shares her favourite metal band for everyone.

2. The tyranny of the husband who snores like a pig

It is true. Bernard snores like a pig. At first, his girlfriend Marie thought she might get used to it. Above all, she wanted to avoid having to sleep with earplugs like her mum.

But, to put it simply (as you might have already understood), Marie is at the end of the tether. She has lived with Bernard for nearly 30 years and still cannot get to sleep at night. And she always ends (or begins) her night on the sofa.

If you have already experienced this situation, it is likely that you have already tried every possible solution in vain: whistling, shaking your partner or breathing according to the rhythm of the snoring.

When you wake your partner, you know you still have 2 minutes and 48 seconds left to get to sleep before he starts snoring again! Isn’t that difficult? You always end up looking deathly pale the following day and have to admit that you NEVER want to sleep next to him again.

3. The early birds: animals

If the early bird catches the worm, success necessarily belongs to the sparrows whistling at daybreak next to your window; or to Minou, your cat who claims its pittance.

But as far as you’re concerned, on a sunny Sunday after a drink-fuelled evening, you absolutely need to have a lie in.

To let these distressing creatures wake you up before the end of your dream is madness (especially considering you were driving with the last Porsche 918 Spyder).

4. Nightlife

It is Friday night. As usual, you are the world’s best bartender. Your friends admire you! According to them, you have a dream job: you work in one of the most famous electro nightclubs of the region. But there is something they do not know: at daybreak, when you have to rinse the last glasses of vodka left behind on the dancefloor, you will have to find a way to get to sleep surrounded by noise pollution.

However, you are lucky nevertheless! You do not live close to a main station or to an airport… You live in a busy shopping area in the centre of the city where you can hear the shopping crowd, the ear-splitting horns and your handyman neighbour who’s already started using his electric drill.

If you are sensitive to surrounding noises, it is likely that you have already experienced the above mentioned situations.You have two different choices: either you decide to accept and avoid these situations or you opt for the use of earplugs. They will enable you to reduce the volume of the noise surrounding you. Earplugs will help you find a better sleep in these noisy environments.

No more excuses to be tired!

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